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Do you want to start an impactful career in the biogas sector? Then you are in the right place! Let us take you on a wild ride through our partner roles, supply chain, and service tools.

Our Business Model

Watch this beautiful illustration to understand how (B)energy works. From cooking on firewood, to cooking on smoke-free biogas. Learn how to become a successful biogas entrepreneur now.

Business partner roles

Become a biogas user, producer, installer or sales partner: our model offers business opportunities for a wide range of entrepreneurs, with defined procedures to enter the sector. You find the role descriptions below.

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We offer trainings for end customers, technicians and sales partners/distributors. Both, online and physical trainings are available, based on your time and budget we will find the best option for you.
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Service tools

Our digital solutions are what allow our partners to deliver excellence throughout the supply chain.


The (B)app is a key feature of the (B)energy model. This digital solution functions as training tool, installation guidance and communication platform


The dashboard allows distributors to manage installers, control installation quality, provide remote assistance and contact the (B)energy team
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