(B)energy digital service tools

About the digital service tools

Our app and dashboard allow all of our partners to work remotely on a secure, transparent and interconnected platform. This key feature of the (B)energy model facilitates remote management and ensures high quality across the supply chain.

How does it work

With your first purchase, you automatically get access to our digital service tools. Depending on the partner role you have chosen (e.g. distributor, installer, user) you will be given access to our app or dashboard. Find out more about our digital service tools below.

Why this is important

Biogas technology has to be taken care of. Too often, companies abandon their customers after having sold a biogas system. (B)energy is different! We always take care of our customers and partners, no matter where they are.

The price

Our service tools are completely free to use for all those who are part of the (B)energy network. We intend to keep this product free as it can contribute to build a biogas sector where accountability and quality are important components.
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(B)app for installers

Our (B)app will accompany you from your first training and will guide you through every installation. The app helps you manage your business and is your direct wire to (B)energy Germany. It is free for all our partners.

Key features

Some of the most important functions of our (B)app

Biogas calculator

Calculate how much gas can your clients produce and for how much they can sell it for

Manage your customers

Keep track of your clients and installations

Step-by-step guidance

The app provides you with an interactive and illustrated installation guidance

Contact (B)energy

Contact our team if you are struggling with one or more installation steps
App for (B)energy biogas technology installers
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(B)dashboard for distributors

As a certified distributor, you get a personal dashboard account, which is free for your to use. It allows to manage installers and users, guarantee high service quality of installations and connects you with (B)energy Germany for support.

Key features

Some of the most important features of the distirbutor dashboard

Register installers

Sing up new installers independently and give them access to (B)app

Locate installations

Access the information shared by your installer to locate current and past installations

Monitor service quality

Control the installation quality through the videos and pictures submitted by the installer

Connect with (B)energy

By flagging one of your installer's installation steps, you will get support from our Germany based team
Digital service tool for biogas entrepreneurs

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