Cook on biogas

Thanks to our biogas backpack, you can now buy your cooking gas directly from your neighbour. Stop spending time fetching wood and start cooking on a smokeless flame that doesn't hurt your family!





Why switch to biogas?

  • Access clean and renewable cooking energy at an affordable price
  • Enjoy smokeless cooking and clean pots
  • Save the time spent collecting firewood


  • Decrease indoor aid pollution
  • Decrease deforestation
  • Support your local economy

1.  Pick-up biogas from a local producer

The biogas producer will provide you with a biogas backpack which contains 3-5 hours of cooking energy. This is affordable to buy and easy to transport.

2.  Connect the backpack & put a weight on it

When you have arrived home, connect the biogas backpack to your biogas stove, and apply a weight on the backpack (for example and old tire or a piece of wood).

3. Get cooking!

Biogas has a strong flame which you can comfortably adjust. Contrary to firewood and charcoal, biogas will not make your pots & pans dirty, saving you time on cleaning.


Who are you?

  • Households
  • Schools or other facilities,
  • Hotels and small restaurants

What do you need to start cooking on biogas?

  • A full biogas backpack
  • A small weight to apply to the backpack
  • A biogas stove
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