Produce & sell biogas

Digester users produce biogas from animal manure or food waste and sell what they don't use to their neighbours for a profit. To become a digester user you only need a space in your garden and a source of substrate.





Earning opportunities

  • Earn from the sale of biogas
  • Earn from the sale of bioslurry 
  • Save on cooking fuel & fertilizer
  • Manage waste
  • Increase agricultural yield


  • Tackle air pollution
  • Tackle deforestation
  • Improve the livelihood of your community

Purchase a biogas system

1. Purchase your biogas system from a distributor

Find a local distributor in your area through our partner map or simply by contacting (B)energy at

2. Install your biogas system with a (B)energy installer

After having purchased the biogas system, a certified (B)energy installer will help you install it.

3. Produce and sell biogas and organic fertilizers

Once installed, the biogas system will produce fertilizer and biogas that you can use yourself or sell to your neighbors.

Purchase a biogas system

Who are you?

  • Household with animals 
  • Farmer
  • School, hotel, restaurant, or similar
  • Neighborhood association

What do you need to get started?

  • Garden, courtyard, or field where to place the plant
  • At least 17kgs of manure or food waste per day
  • Access to liquid such as wastewater or similar
  • Warm climate (25 ° - 40 °) 

Purchase a biogas system

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