We burn for biogas and want to tell everybody about the wonderful solution of turning organic waste into cooking gas and organic fertilizer. Find more information below or dive deeper with one of our trainings.
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Cooking with biogas

Quick, clean and healthy! Biogas is a modern cooking gas that saves forests and climate, time and money.


Characteristic blue flame, 950°C flame temperature, reliable and adjustable


Smoke-free, indoor and outdoor, standing or sitting, no carrying of heavy loads


Saves time to get, is instantly hot, light it with a match, short cooking times


A great organic fertilizer that adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Improve soil fertility

Bioslurry boosts soil fertility and crop productivity - consequentially increases crop revenues

Replace mineral fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is especially good for soils in warm climates - nutrients are stored much longer

Sell fertilizer

Liquid, dried or composted - highly valuable fertilizer for farmers and anybody growing plants
Facts about bioslurry
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Biogas trendsetters

All this is nothing without the numerous trendsetters who make a difference by using biogas

Social impact

Biogas reduces the risk of respiratory diseases caused by indoor air pollution from open fires

Economic impact

The professional implementation of biogas boosts local economies through independent entrepreneurship

Environmental impact

With more people using biogas less trees are cut, less soils eroded, less CO2 is emitted

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The best way to learn more about biogas is our online training. Watch 5 hours of engaging video content about biogas, from science to technology. Receive a beautiful certificate as prove of your expertise in biogas.
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