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For all types of biogas pioneers, no prior knowledge needed!

(B)trained online

The online training is open for all those who are interested in biogas science and technology

Training content

5 hours of engaging video content and quizzes that encompass all there is to know about biogas, from the science to the technology

Certificate & perspectives

Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind biogas, learn how to best utilize our biogas system and receive a certificate at the end!
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Take your chance to

become a biogas expert


Distributor training

Our new video-based online training is the basis for setting up a successful biogas technology distribution business. It is combined with individual guidance and custom-shaped extensions.

Training content

Biogas Theory and social business model | Biogas system installation, operation, maintenance | Business calculations and management

Certificate & perspectives

After the end of the course, you will be part of the (B)energy network. As new member you will gain access to tools, resources, and discounted prices.
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Installer Training

Interested in becoming a certified (B)energy installer? This training will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills you need.

Training content

Biogas Theory | Installation process | Maintenance | Safety | System operation

Certification & perspectives

The journey to becoming a certified (B)energy installer starts here. Get trained, certified and we'll send customer requests your way!
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Start your career

as a (B)energy installer


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Join the movement

BiogasUnite is a private sector initiative of biogas entrepreneurs who work in Africa. We join forces to make biogas work. The aid approach has failed, now it is time for an apporach driven by the African private sector. Join us!

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