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Mobile biogas technology

Making biogas mobile means producing biogas from organic waste and transporting the gas using the biogas backpack to where it is used for cooking on a smoke-free biogas stove.
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Biogas as a business

When we say "biogas with an entrepreneurial twist" we mean that (B)energy makes biogas accessible through independent entrepreneurs. Everybody earns, nobody depends! This is unique and only possible through a smart business model that engages 100% local players.
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(B)energy business model

Click below to find out more about the different roles we offer to business partners: from sale of gas through installation to sale of technology.

Our partner training

(B)energy offers a range of educational training to help you get your biogas career started. Check out our training page and take your first step to become a (B)energy installer or distributor:

(B)trained online

A one-day online training that helps you get your head around the science behind biogas and the technology that produces it

Distributor training

A 3-day interactive workshop that provides you with the knowledge needed to start-up a (B)energy distributor business in your country.
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Aid-free biogas

To understand the unusual approach of (B)energy requires knowdlege of our ethics. Our ultimate goal is to show that biogas can be implemented in a social business approach. But why without aid?
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