Sell technology

Become a (B)energy distributors and start importing - or manufacturing locally - (B)energy technology. As a distributor, your will earn from the sale of biogas products and improve the livelihood of your community.






  • Earn from the sale of our technology
  • Access one of the most competitive prices on the market
  • Benefit from our marketing and brand awareness
  • Get featured on our website
  • Get orders in your region directly forwarded to you
  • Use our technology patents to protect your business
  • Become part of a global network of biogas professionals
  • Unlimited use of our customer management digital platforms


  • Boost local economies through social entrepreneurship
  • Contribute to tackling climate change, deforestation, and air pollution
  • Improve the livelihood of your people

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1. Take our 3-days Distributor training 

3-days of interactive sessions, presentations, workshops, and discussions create the basis for setting up a successful biogas technology distribution business.

2. Place your first order

Purchase your first stock at a discounted price and get support to import products to your country or simply source products' components locally.

3. Tailored support & management tools

From the day of your purchase, you will get 6 months of free expert support to shape your business model and you gain access to our digital service tools and service pack.

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Who are you?

  • Owner of a company or independent entrepreneur
  • Strong interest in renewable energy and social entrepreneurship
  • Familiar with national customs and regulations
  • You must be either from - or living within - the country where you are planning your operations

What do you need to get started?

  • Capital to invest
  • A registered company (advisable)

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