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We are a network of independent, mission-driven social entrepreneurs. Biogas is the tool we leverage to create a fair and dignifying economic system. If you share our vision, join us.

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While we work on an interactive partner map, please email us at if you want to get in touch with a (B)energy partner in your region.

(B)energy Headquarter Team

Why does an international company have a 2-headed headquarter? Simple: our German team is reduced to the essential so that our technology can be kept affordable. (B)energy is honest and straight forward, no hidden overhead.

Katrin Pütz

Founder and Managing Director
As an agricultural engineer, environmental scientist and cabinet maker, Katrin developed the concept and technology for mobile biogas between 2010 and 2013. Since 2013 Katrin has been (B)energy's head & heart.

Edoardo Federici

Edoardo's background roots in communication, event management, and sustainable development. Since October 2020, he has been curating (B)energy's communications and managing training & events.
African Energy Chamber, Katrin Pütz, NJ Ayuk JD, (B)energy

Our first investor is Pan-African

After having declined the generous offers of countless Western funders for over a decade, our rigorous approach ultimately paid off. (B)energy's first investor had to be African. With NJ Ayuk and his teams of Centurion Law group, the African Energy Chamber, the Germany Africa Business Forum as well as the Emerging Energy Corporation we have invaluable partners who strengthen und support (B)energy in so many ways. And it gives us the legitimacy to continue with our independent, aid-free business approach. We are very honored to now continue together!
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