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We are a network of independent, mission-driven social entrepreneurs. Biogas is the tool we leverage to create a fair and dignifying economic system. If you share our vision, join us.

Who we are

(B)energy is a Germany-based biogas company, a social business that works with partners on 4 continents to make biogas technology available, affordable and beneficial. If your country is not yet represented you may contact us directly.
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(B)energy distributors

Our local distributors are the ones who take responsibility for the import, installation, and after-sale service of our biogas technology. They are the ones who build with their own resources a strong private biogas sector in their countries.

Mark Giannelli

Mark is the chairman and founder of ReBin, a swiss-beninese Foundation that works to showcase circular economy. Collaborating with (B)energy since 2016 they started implementing biogas technology at their waste management site in Toffo. They are now making (B)energy biogas systems available to households, green entrepreneurs and schools.

Judit Prigge & Mezgebe Zerfu

ኢትዮጵያ / Ethiopia
Judit and Mezgebe with Energy Matter are our biogas experts in Ethiopia. They provide consultancy, training and installation of (B)energy biogas systems across the country. Get in touch to find out more!

Roland Kleicke

Deutschland / Germany
Roland, on behalf of the entire B-qubig crew, is convinced of locally based cradle-to-cradle principles and that homemade biogas is an essential part of them. In the meantime, they develop ecological tiny houses and dream of self-sufficient tiny-living societies.

Michel Joie

Madagaskar / Madagascar
Michel and his company Tana-Tech are willing to improve healthcare and sustainable energy access for all, leveraging human technology tools. Past professional experiences in Madagascar made him conscious that burning forests require alternate cooking methods, triggering the (B)energy local deployment.

Hazir Farouk A. Elhaj

Dr. Hazir Farouk A. Elhaj is renowned in the renewable energy sphere. She has shown immense enthusiasm and dedication in advocating for biogas. She is making (B)energy technology available to the people of Oman.

Leo Kaptigau

Papua New Guinea
Leo is a social entrepreneur who works closely with DORIUM: a system that rewards social improvement. With his company Kokolaif he is the first and only to bring household biogas technology to Papua New Guinea.

Christine Meck

Christine is involved in the energy sector in several East-African countries. Biogas is her latest venture that she is passionate about. She works hard to develop a special model for approaching the Rwandan market.

Papa Assane Ndao

Sénégal / Senegal
Papa Assane is a biogas entrepreneur with experience in the Senegalese biogas sector. He frequently offers training and is an active advocate for biogas. We are proud to have him.

Komlan Batema

Komlan is the CEO and founder of the company BATEMA-PfRE (Power from Renewable Energy). He works with different renewable energy partners in West Africa and his central representative office is in Lomé/Togo. Komlan is passionate about making biogas technology available to his people in Togo.

Jonathan Lungu

Jonathan is the CEO and founder of Gasbes Energy a social enterprise that brings clean cooking to hundreds of Zambians. His passion lies in making (B)energy technology accessible to Zambians.

The founder: Katrin Pütz

As an agricultural engineer, environmental scientist and cabinet maker, Katrin developed the concept and technology for mobile biogas between 2010 and 2013. Since 2013 Katrin has been (B)energy's head & heart.
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Our first investor is Pan-African

After having declined the generous offers of countless Western funders for over a decade, our rigorous approach ultimately paid off. (B)energy's first investor had to be African. With NJ Ayuk and his teams of Centurion Law group, the African Energy Chamber, the Germany Africa Business Forum as well as the Emerging Energy Corporation we have invaluable partners who strengthen und support (B)energy in so many ways. And it gives us the legitimacy to continue with our independent, aid-free business approach. We are very honored to now continue together!
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