Install biogas systems

The installers are our technical experts. They are the service providers and consultants for the users. They install the products on-site, provide maintenance and sell spare parts.





Earning opportunities

  • Earn when you install a new system
  • Earn when you provide maintenance
  • Earn when you sell spare parts and accessories
  • Earn when you train new installers
  • Free access to our (B)app to manage your clients and access support from Germany
  • Use our marketing collateral to advertise your business and attract new clients


  • Contribute to making biogas available
  • Professionalize the sector
  • Positively impact the environment, society, and economy

Start your journey with (B)trained online

1. Complete the biogas course (B)trained online

Gain the theoretical knowledge needed to work as an installer by watching 5 hours of video content and successfully completing the quizzes.

2. Install your first biogas system

Prove your technical skills by setting up a functioning biogas system. To install your first biogas system you can either use our app as an installation guide or take part in an on-site training with an experienced installer.

3. Get your business started!

As an installer, you will earn from the installation and maintenance of biogas systems and accessories. Jobs may be provided by local distributors, however, you also be responsible for finding potential clients and promoting the technology.

Start your journey with (B)trained online

Who are you?

  • An individual engaged in fields such as energy, construction, engineering, agriculture, sanitation or the like
  • An individual with good technical understanding and craftsmanship
  • A smartphone owner
  • A reliable and motivated professional
  • Ideal: a owner of an existing company or business license.

What do you need to get started?

  • (B)trained online certificate
  • Interest in renewable energy

Start your journey with (B)trained online

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