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Local biogas businesses in the Global South are outcompeted by the same organisations that profess to be fostering the development of their economies. (B)energy supports a growing movement of entrepreneurs and academics who want to stop free dissemination of products and chop off the ties that keep local economies dependent on the gratitude of the West. Instead, we propose an entrepreneurship model which works with local means and most importantly, that hears - and responds to - the needs of its local partners, not Western donors.
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Biogas Unite

Are you thinking about ways to improve the biogas market in Africa? Become part of BiogasUnite's mission to make failed systems functional while establishing a safe market for future installations. Let's unite to protect the biogas market!
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Fair & social business - for real

We focus on fair business, in which we consistently ensure that we are not involved in market distortion, build long-term structures, leave responsibilities with locals, create trust, use only local financial resources and treat all people equally with respect and dignity. In the example of biogas technology, this means offering the products and services in such a way that people can afford it, can live from it, can take care of the distribution, installation and maintenance, and can act independently. This creates jobs and prosperity instead of the so obstructive feeling that it could not be done without Western help. We know that this is not true, so let's prove it. Nobody owes anything to anybody.
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We guide aid organizations, social businesses, CSR departments on their way from well-intended projects to well-done action.

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