Distributor Training

Who is this for?

This training is specifically designed for business partners interested in becoming a distributor of (B)energy biogas technology. Distributors import components of our systems and make them available locally. They benefit from a well adapted business model and a professional service infrastructure.

Why is it important?

Biogas is a simle technology - when you know how it works. The online course is combined with personal guidance and consultancy. The training is the precondition for import at distributor prices and access to a wide range of tools and resources.

What is it worth?

The price for our distributor training is 590€. Included in this training is access to our e-learning platform and a detailed session with a (B)energy trainer after completion of the online training. We regularly offer group trainings, to which every new distributor will be automatically invited. There you will meet colleagues from other countries.

How is it structured?

The seminar is divided into theory and practice. Theory of biogas science and technology, demonstrations and installation of our technology and calculations and discussions about business model implementation. To cater to the individual participants' needs, we have deteiled individual session with each new distributor.

Biogas theory & calculations

You will enter the training with a solid basic knowledge of biogas science and technology from our online training. We will emphasise again on the most important facts, guide you through calculations and make the essential rules stick.

Technology & installation

Installing a (B)energy biogas system is the aim of the day. All technical details will be shared with you, you learn how to navigate through our installer app and become a trouble shooting expert.

Management & service tools

What it all comes down to: how to make biogas a successful business! We have a wide range of tools and services prepared for you and we teach you how to employ them for maximum impact, good reputation and fair income.
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Social business vs. aid

This is a lesson you can only get at (B)energy: how to run biogas without development aid. Why this is important for the future of biogas and what to be aware of is essential for any biogas entrepreneur. You can look forward to this!
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Becoming a distributor

Becoming a distributor means taking up responsibility for the import or local manufacturing of (B)energy technology in your country. This position brings together profitable business opportunities and sustainable impact.
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