(B)trained online

Who is this for?

This online training course is designed for eager change-makers, who see a chance for biogas as cooking fuel in their surrounding. If you are new to biogas, this is a great opportunity for you to start exploring the potential of this incredible renewable energy.

Why is it worth taking it?

After passing the tests of the training sessions, you will receive a certificate. With this certificate you can start your journey as installer or your can take further training and become a patented (B)energy distributor.

How much does it cost?

(B)energy’s mission is to make biogas technology and know-how available worldwide. This is why keep our training at the competitive price of 59.50 euro. In addition, if you buy a biogas system within 3 months after the end of your training, you get your money back.

How is it structured?

The training includes 6 modules, comprising of approximately 5 hours of engaging video material. After the end of each module, you will have to consolidate your knowledge in a quiz. If you pass all of the quizzes, you will grant yourself a certificate with your name on it!

Introduction to the biogas world

How does a biogas system look like? How does it function and how are gas and fertilizer used? This video is an introduction to the (B)energy biogas system. You will hear from our customers in Guinea & Ghana and their experience with biogas.
(B)energy biogas system training, an introduction to biogas
(B)energy biogas training, an introduction to biogas

1. Biogas Introduction

We start with an overview: What is biogas, how is it produced, what is a biogas system and what is needed to turn organic waste into energy.

2. Microorganism in Biogas Process

It is microorganism that produce biogas, but for a good biogas production they need certain conditions. We take a close look at the biology inside a biogas system to understand how to become a successful gasproducer.
Katrin Pütz in the (B)energy biogas training online
Katrin Pütz in the (B)energy biogas training online

3. The Biogas Process

The biogas process depends on various parameters: temperature, retention time, type of substrate, organic loading rate and C:N ratio. In this section, you will learn about each parameters in detail in a series of videos.

4. Biogas Technology

Biogas technology. This section guides you through the world of different types biogas digesters. We will also take a look at the (B)energy system with its mobile biogas backpack.
Katrin Pütz in the (B)energy biogas training online
Trainers of the (B)energy biogas training online

5. Biofertilizer

Slurry that comes out of the biogas digester can be an great organic fertilizer. Learn how to make compost with slurry and find out what’s the difference between bioslurry, compost and mineral fertilizer.

6. Business Strategy with (B)energy

One of our business partners explains the different business opportunities within (B)energy. "The world will always have 3 major problems: food, waste and health". Here is a suggestion for how to address them.
(B)energy partner explains business opportunities with (B)energy

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