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Manifesto of BiogasUnite

Biogas is not for beneficiaries.

Biogas is for everyone. It is a solution for clean cooking. It is produced from organic waste, and it can serve millions of people with a clean energy source. It is renewable. It is climate neutral. It is profitable, and it makes a big difference.

Biogas projects fail.

Aid organizations promote biogas for the poor. Implemented in biogas projects. Most biogas systems have failed. Beneficiaries were left alone. And lost trust. The reputation of biogas is widely negative. Because of aid!

Africa does not need aid.

Aid distorts markets. It creates unfair conditions for entrepreneurs. The African private biogas sector cannot compete with free biogas technology. Local businesses fail. Africans lose their jobs. Then they need aid.

Protect entrepreneurs.

BiogasUnite demands an end of development aid in the biogas sector. Accountability. African governments to take the lead. Support the private biogas sector. Talk to biogas entrepreneurs.

Wednesday Meetings

Don't cross your fingers and hope others will do it - take responsibility, every voice and every opinion counts. Please sign up now and join the next discussion meeting. Together we can set new rules for entrepreneurship in Africa.
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Who are we?

We are international and African entrepreneurs and companies who unite to change the narrative of household biogas in Africa. We need a new approach!

What's our motivation?

What international aid organizations and donors are doing in the field of household biogas in Africa has largely failed the private sector. We demand to end aid.

How can you join?

Anybody who sees the need to change how African entrepreneurs are left unprotected. BiogasUnite is an initiave that wants to reprensent the majority of biogas entreprenuers in Africa. Please join!

What is our plan?

We are currently developing an official appeal that includes our requests for a fair and sustainabel biogas market development. We deserve a seat at the table when decisions are made about biogas and foreign aid in the sector.

Press Release 27.11.2021

BiogasUnite invites the media to attend a press conference on October 27, 2pm CEST. The press release will be made availabe after the zoom conference. Please sign up for the meeting via the link for Wednesday meetings.
Invitation for media

Our letter to the sector

The #BiogasUnite team has composed a letter for biogas entrepreneurs and enthusiasts out there. This is a personal message to you!
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Our partner's voice

Our goal at Eco Amet Solutions is to promote the “going back to green” agenda across the continent of Africa. The initiatives at (B)energy attracted me to reach out to them. And after a couple of interactions, I realised it was not just about work but a mission-driven by a strong passion for seeing results. I support the #BiogasUnite initiative, and I firmly believe it is about time we wake up as Africans. Not just in the biogas sector but very applicable to several other “failed/dying” systems.” - David Ewusi-Mensah, Eco Amet Solutions, Ghana

#BiogasUnite introduction podcast

What is #BiogasUnite and why do we start this initiave? Please listen to a detailed introduction to #BiogasUnite and learn why this is important for anyone active in the field of biogas and share the message with all your colleagues.
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(B)energy leads by example

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