(B)flame: the biogas burner

About (B)flame

The (B)flame is a special stove for smoke-free cooking with biogas. Due to its simplicity it is easily understood by users, it can be modified to the individual needs and with its modular design it is very flexible in its applications.

How does it work

The burner size can be adapted to different pot sizes and the burner can be used as free-standing burner combined with 3 stones or more advanced it can be attached to different types of pot rests - for use on the ground or for use on kitchen furniture.


The biogas stove is a (B)energy patented technology in Africa. With the due training, our partners can manufacture this technology locally.

Decrease the price

The modular design of the (B)flame allows you to source over 80% of the material locally. This enables you to decrease the price and save on freight. (B)energy strongly encourages its partners to source local materials when possible.
(B)flame the (B)energy biogas burner


The (B)flame comes as assembly kit of:

Burner discs

Available for household and institutional pots

Pipes & valves

A stand alone set-up

Without frame (unless requested)

Build your own according to local cooking habits

Main characteristics

The two unique aspects that set (B)flame apart:


Only one set-up for small and large pots & can be used with or without pot rest


Parts of the stoves can be sourced & assembled locally to drive down prices
(B)energy modular stove (B)flame

Changing disks

The modular design of the (B)flame allows you to exchange the burner disks for larger ones without the need of any tools. This feature enables you to use the same burner for small and large pots.

Our frame

Not interested in producing your own? Then purchase our burner frame! Please note: (B)energy strongly encourages you to take into account local cooking habits and needs before purchasing our frame.
(B)energy burner frame


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