African Visionaries: Earth's Guardians, Not Mars Migrants

With the energy supply falling short of Africa's expanding demand, Biogas emerges as a technology capable of tackling challenges on a massive scale and offering an unmatched business opportunity for those savvy enough to seize it now. There has never been a more opportune time to engage some of Africa's most successful business leaders in the mission of establishing biogas as a primary cooking energy source on the continent until 2030. With (B)energy, we provide a well-prepared entry into the sector. 

By Katrin Puetz

The US$40-billion market for cooking energy in Sub-Saharan Africa is not a myth. The majority of the African population still relies on firewood and charcoal, resulting in indoor air pollution that causes a staggering 400,000 premature deaths annually. At the same time, the reliance on such energy sources is leading to deforestation and increased carbon emissions. All of this takes place while the super-rich of the world prepare for life on Mars because there are chances that our planet Earth may become uninhabitable.

I believe we have the perfect solution in our hands to make a difference – that of turning organic waste into energy. Biogas. (B)energy, a German biogas technology company of which I am its founder, has been producing biogas systems for 13 years, serving 12 African markets. Our goal is to increase our reach in 2024 given that Africa’s paltry energy supply is struggling to meet the people’s demand. 

However, I will not be able to build millions of biogas systems by myself, but if I can bring you on board, we can make it possible. I call upon those with the power and mindset to implement something extraordinary – a life-changing venture – that makes extraterrestrial tourism completely unnecessary. 

Biogas is a technology capable of addressing the challenges of up to 300 million Africans while presenting an unparalleled business opportunity for those who are savvy enough to recognize and grasp it right now. You do not need to fly to Mars to call yourself a successful businessperson. Build your business legacy right here on Earth, in your neighborhood, town, city, or country and you will be remembered.

The magic of biogas

Let me share some of the magic of biogas. A straightforward installation directly provides free and clean cooking gas to kitchens, addressing the challenges of indoor air pollution and rising fuel prices. 

Substrates such as organic waste and animal dung are broken down and processed naturally to produce cooking gas and a valuable organic fertilizer that enriches the soil and naturally boosts crop yields. 

Simultaneously, the adoption of biogas immediately halts deforestation, contributes to reduced emissions, and transforms waste management into a positive endeavor. Above all, it saves money, creates employment, and generates income for entrepreneurs.

How you can start your own biogas business

The timing to start your business could not be more perfect. Our exclusive Distributor Onboarding Webinar on February 6th unveils the gateway to this transformative venture. But it is more than just a webinar. It is a limited-time opportunity to become a distributor and an integral part of the (B)energy biogas mission. 

For the next six months, we will focus our attention on developing our new partners’ businesses. Those who register and actively participate in the Distributor Onboarding Webinar will be eligible to join this selected group of distributors during this crucial period.

The exclusive six-month onboarding period is a deliberate strategy to ensure our distributors are not just bystanders but active champions of the biogas sector's future. We will equip them with professional tools and provide guidance.

Register for the Distributor On-boarding Webinar here

Ending dependence on development aid

Biogas in Africa has been my profession for the past 13 years – a substantial business journey by any measure – and my belief in Africa remains unchanged. During these years, I have observed the aid industry increasingly pushing biogas while blocking African business leaders from getting involved, maybe subconsciously. As a result, biogas is perceived as a product that is only implemented through aid projects for vulnerable groups.

Biogas should stop being perceived as technology exclusively for the poor and it must stop depending on aid. The aid-driven approach has shown that an active private sector is crucial for the technology’s success. This year for the first time the International Energy Agency has dedicated a special section to biogas in their renewable energy market series. This should signal to anyone with the capacity to invest that biogas will soon receive the attention it deserves. 

With (B)energy, I've dedicated myself to demonstrating that biogas can operate as a sustainable business. Aid is not a solution, and carbon finance poses an even greater threat. The growing appetite of the industrialized world for inexpensive carbon offset opportunities results in further market distortions, misplaced incentives, and unsuccessful biogas systems. This proves detrimental to both African economic development and the climate.

Opportunity for African business partners and investors

To change this, we are opening doors for new business partners at a crucial moment. During the next 6 months, we will prepare you for the pole position by combining German technological innovation with African business spirit to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. This is not just a business opportunity; it is a chance to be part of a greater movement that brings energy solutions to Africans by Africans. You have a positive effect on communities and the environment and build a legacy that will set an example for others. 

I implore each one of you with the capacity to invest in a business that delivers not only financial returns but holds the power to make a decisive difference: please join the African biogas sector now.

Register for the exclusive (B)energy Distributor Onboarding Webinar and find out how well-prepared this business opportunity is. Ask me and my team anything about biogas as a business and together let’s carve your place in the biogas sector for 2024.


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