(B)energy setting biogas trends where unexpected

So far biogas has been promoted as a technology for rural areas, aid organizations have branded this magical solution as something for the poor. How great that this is changing and how wonderful that people who can, simply afford it and switch to biogas for nobel reasons. We have interviewed one of our well-off biogas users.

Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, not exactly a poor neighborhood and a biogas system right in the middle of it? We have interviewed one of our well-off biogas users and we agree that we ought to work together to keep a clean and healthy environment while also being financially savvy by switching to biogas.

Like Inusso Jamal, he has decided for a (B)energy biogas system. He resides in a beautiful home with swimming pool and green lawn, vegetable garden and flowers along the fence. Inusso first learned about the technology a decade ago. “I never thought that it will be suitable for my household until I moved to South Africa. I had the space, the leftovers and all the ingredients that are necessary to produce the biogas. So that’s when I started considering it seriously,” he said. Then (B)energy came along and asked for his support during a training session. He offered his garden as demonstration site for the installation training and decided to keep the system.

Now, 4 months later, he has integrated the system into his routine and cooking habits. He enjoys hosting friends and family for a biogas meal. ”I like to cook for myself, family and friends. For example, if I have to cook a stew, it requires a long time to do that. When I cook beans or beef, that’s when I use it most." Inusso has come up with his own set-up. The (B)flame, our biogas stove, in its basic version does not come with a frame, so Inusso has simply fitted the pot to the stove.

But it is not only the gas that convinced him. He also cares about growing his own vegetables. Since he was aware of the valuable by-product of biogas production, the organic fertilizer called bioslurry, the biogas system was installed right next to his vegetable garden. Using the bioslurry to enrich the soil and fertilize his plants with organic fertilizer closes the small cycle at home. For the energy and waste problems of Inusso, biogas has become a solution. ”I use my kitchen garbage, I don’t throw them away. So the concept of recycling works well for me.”

“I am using something made out of nature, which is not costly. It is efficient, safe and environmentally friendly”

He recommends that anyone interested in the system should try it out. “The person must be committed to it.” But the effort pays off, because it is a good feeling to have something efficient and sustainable. This renewable energy resource is a health and environmental perk that enables the use of biomass for energy even in modern households. And who does not care about saving money?

Inusso is a person who can simply afford to take responsibility, to close the loop, to make an effort for the climate. He leads by example. Thank you Inusso!

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