Energy Pioneers Program

Our partner the African Energy Chamber has this great offer for young professionals, like Kimberley Netshivhale, to join the energy sector through an internship. Kimberley shares her first-week experience at (B)energy with you below, maybe one that can motivate more young women to join the energy sector. This should be your topic, ladies!

It is always intimidating starting a new job, especially with an industry you are not familiar with. The first week usually blurs as you try to learn and adjust to a new role and environment. This internship was no exception. Being a part of a female-run company intrigued me and made me excited. The question of whether or not I was going to fit in is one I asked a lot. So far, I have adjusted well.

As I have just begun, my first step in becoming familiar with (B)energy was to participate in their distributor’s three-day online training about biogas. Since I am unfamiliar with the gas industry, I had a few difficulties. Having to deal with terminology and calculations made it challenging. It reminded me of high school when I had to work with equations. I realized that this was truly a different environment.

However, it was an immensely informative and enjoyable training experience. Everyone made me feel welcome, and this gave me a lot of confidence since I had expected the senior management to be distant and aloof. During the distributor’s training, I gained a deeper understanding of what the company does and the services it offers, which will be helpful in dealing with customers in the future. Currently, I am familiar with the importance of clean energy, as well as its benefits to the environment and human health. I gained valuable insight into how (B)energy conduct business and interacts with its customers. I am eager to dive in and learn more.

The African Energy Chamber helped me obtain this unparalleled opportunity through its Energy Pioneer Program. I will be able to develop necessary work skills that will help me to excel in my future professional endeavors.

Furthermore, a female leader at an energy company is a source of pride to me since the energy industry is typically male-dominated. As a young woman working for a female-led company, I feel inspired to pursue a leadership position in male-dominated fields. It demonstrates the power of women's empowerment on a much greater scale.

This experience showed me that working for a multinational organization is far more intriguing than I imagined. Dealing with a sheer number of customers from different countries will be an engaging and rewarding experience. In general, I believe my first week at (B)energy was a positive experience. As a result, I understood the value of teamwork. Success or failure hinges on how employees work together.

Kimberley Netshivhale, South Africa

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