Our principles

If (B)energy wants to exist in the long term, it must commit not to distort its own market. Thus, we prevent our products from appearing on the market at unrealistically low prices. Therefore, our local partners - the real protagonists of this story - agree to comply to the following principles and regulations:

No use of “aid money”:

We do not allow the use of donations, funds, grants, development-aid money or charity from industrialised nations to reduce the price of our technology. It is also not permitted to give away (B)energy technology for free. Both practices are very common and lead to market distortion and unfair competition in the biogas sector.

No sale below market price:

The price of the technology is not to be reduced to a price lower than the market price. However, alternative financing practices that ease the product accessibility - such as micro credits - are welcomed and encouraged.

• Direct sale to end users:

(B)energy technology can only be sold to end users. We do not sell to organizations involved in development aid that would use the technology in aid-funded projects or provide the technology to end users at reduced or no cost. In case of sale to aid organisations the “No Market Distortion Agreement” must be signed by both parties, making the sale of the product at a market price a legal requirement.

Guarantee after sale service

Crucial for the success of any technology is the access to service. To prevent failure of our technology, we commit to only sell products where there is an infrastructure in place and trained personnel to provide maintenance and repair services. If not in place, (B)energy provides the tools and training to establish such infrastructure.

No projects

The development aid industry has been working on a project-basis for decades. (B)energy, dares to state that in the very nature the projects lay the shortcomings of their results. Projects are in fact temporary by nature and, if they fail to establish a functioning infrastructure by the time they are concluded, they simply fail. Development aid project failure can be found in many different branches of the development aid industry. However, in the biogas sector, the failure rate is higher than in other industries due to the technology's notorious need for service and maintenance. From our experience, the failure of a biogas system penalises the reputation of the technology in the area. Hence, (B)energy refuses to ruin its own and other entrepreneur's markets for the sake of short-term earnings coming from the development-aid projects.

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