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NEW! - Understand biogas - 09/02/22

Unveil the secrets behind the technology that transforms organic waste into cooking energy in our one-day online training

NEW! - Installation training - 16/02/22

Learn how to install, maintain and service our biogas systems in a day - free if you purchase a biogas system!

(B)trained online - always available

5 hours of online videos & quizzes that encompass all there is to know about biogas, from the science to the technology

NEW | Understand biogas | 09/02/22

This course is for those interested in learning more about biogas as cooking energy. It is a first step into the professional biogas sector, thus the basis for any biogas system owner, installer, or (B)energy distributor
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Become a biogas

expert in one-day!


NEW! | Installation training | 16/02/22

Are you ready to produce your own biogas or considering selling and installing biogas systems for a living? Perfect, this training is for you!
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Become a (B)energy



(B)trained online

The online training is open for all those who are interested in biogas science and technology

Training content

5 hours of engaging video content and quizzes that encompass all there is to know about biogas, from the science to the technology

Certificate & perspectives

Your certificate, plus a first successful biogas installation, makes you an official (B)energy installer. Are you ready to get to business?
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Take your chance to

become a biogas expert

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Distributor training March 2022

3 days of interactive sessions, presentations, workshops, and discussions create the basis for setting up a successful biogas technology distribution business.

Training content

Biogas Theory and social business model | Biogas system installation, operation, maintenance | Business calculations and management

Certificate & perspectives

After the end of the course, you will be part of the (B)energy network. As new member you will gain access to tools, resources, and discounted prices.
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Upcoming training:

16th-18th March 2022


Join Biogas Unite

This online event brings together biogas entrepreneurs who are concerned about the ongoing and planned activities of international aid organisations and donors in the field of household biogas in Africa
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